Written by New Adventure Recovery Center Staff

Why does God want anything to do with me?” That was the question that Eric struggled with when he thought about all of the things he had done. Eric began using marijuana and pills in middle school. He eventually progressed to the point that he was taking drugs intravenously. His parents placed him in various detox programs and psychiatric facilities in an effort to get him off of drugs. Even though Eric’s dad was a police officer, they were at a loss as far as what to do for their son. Eventually, they made the choice to place Eric at New Adventure Recovery Center. Eric had a difficult beginning at New Adventure Recovery Center. He struggled in this way for the first 3 months of the program. One day, while Eric was sitting in his room, he realized that he was sick of the way he was living. He was tired of hurting his family and of constantly getting into trouble. From that point on, he started going to the chapel services at New Adventure Recovery Center with a different attitude. He started listening to what the speakers were saying, and he began feeling God’s Spirit pulling on his heart. He was done doing things his way. He explains that his way “was stupid.” Eric says that he is now much less selfish. He is hungry to serve and really appreciated the opportunity to help the tornado victims in Joplin, MO. God has done a great work in Eric’s life. Eric says that if he hadn’t come toNew Adventure Recovery Center and found the Lord that he would either be in prison or dead today. He is thankful for this new chance at life and especially for his new relationship with God.