Written by New Adventure Recovery Center Staff

Joe was adopted at age two by loving parents who sought to raise him with Christian values, but that didn’t stop him from turning to drugs and delinquency. He was in the 7th grade when he started using drugs. It was at this point that his life started going downhill quickly. As his drug use continued, he grew more and more out of control and frequently ran away from home. Even a near-death accident was not enough to cause him to change his life. His drug usage and running away continued. Joe’s parents asked that he be sent to New Adventure Recovery Center. The court order was given and Joe was brought to New Adventure Recovery Center. It took a while for Joe to embrace Teen Challenge’s help. In fact, he ran away his very first week in the program. Joe tells the story of sitting in the chapel about a week after he was returned to New Adventure Recovery Center. Conviction was heavy on his heart and he knew that something had to change. By the end of that chapel, he was pouring out his heart to God with tears coming down his cheeks. Although Joe’s journey has been filled with difficulty and struggles, he openly shares that God is the only option worth choosing for his life. He knows that he no longer wants the destructive life of drugs that he once had. He wants to follow God with all of his heart. God has done a transforming work in Joe’s life. With God’s help he has learned greater patience and self-control. He has recently began playing the guitar and is already leading public worship and singing praises to God. After completing Teen Challenge, Joe re-entered public school and has joined the soccer team. He continues a drug-free and full life. This young man’s life has been forever changed by God’s incredible grace.