Shelli O. (Parent)

My youngest son was involved in drugs quite heavily; he was cooking meth as well as shooting up and abusing prescription pills, beginning at the age of 14. Ultimately he ended up running away and was subsequently found and detained in juvenile jail. I decided that I could not give him the help he needed, and as hard as it was to admit to myself. I chose to send him to New Adventure Recovery Center. Taking him there was what I considered to be the hardest thing I had ever done. Today, he is not the same boy. I will not say that he is the same person he was before he started using drugs either, because he is so much more now. I used to say thank you profusely to all of the staff at New Adventure Recovery Center for helping him overcome everything, but he has been gone from New Adventure Recovery Center for over a year now and he continues to grow personally as well as spiritually and the New Adventure Recovery Center staff is no longer there. I have come to the conclusion that what New Adventure Recovery Center staff did…saved my child from what was sure to be him being dead or in jail by his 18th Birthday. He turns 19 in exactly one week and I can hardly believe it…for many years I have heard the phrase “All things are possible through Christ”. Now when I hear this or say it myself, I actually believe it. There will never be any words that can express my gratitude to each and every staff member at New Adventure Recovery Center for having the patience to slowly (and I’m sure at times, it was painful for them, because my boy is a very headstrong young man) lead my son back from the dark depths he found himself to be in. But somehow through their leadership and believing, they did!!!! For this, I thank God every day for leading me to New Adventure Recovery Center!!!