Paul (parent)

My son was struggling and spiraling down into the pit no matter how much love and support I tried to give him. He would try one thing after another, trying to make himself feel better about himself and looking to all the wrong people to connect to. I remember something I would say to him over and over again. I would say, ‘I feel as though I am the only one trying to get you better! You need to begin to try harder than me.’ What I didn’t understand was I could talk and talk, try the same thing over and over, then end up worse than before. At New Adventure Recovery Center, my son has found wonderful, Christian mentors, advisers, confidants. He has been put in a place where change and growing deeper in his relationship with the Lord is encouraged and fully available to him. I have told many people that if my son uses this time God has given to him, it will be the greatest time in his life and we will look back on this knowing that God has caused all things to work for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. God is bringing peace to my son and our home where there has been chaos, comfort where there was much strife.