I started using drugs when I was 15 yrs old. It progressed all through high school into my freshman year in college. I began both selling and using all types of drugs, and was caught. After spending several months in jail. I was released on house arrest. I was living in Florida at the time when I decided that life on supervision wasn’t for me, so I packed up and ran away to California. My life on the run became so crazy. Everything revolved around buying and selling drugs. From Tijuana to San Diego to LA, I was distributing drugs to fund my new life style. The money quickly consumed me and evil ruled my life. This went on for a couple years until I was arrested for drug trafficking. When I finished a time in prison, I went home to stay with my parents. I had good intentions to stay clean, but a few wrong choices lead me back to my old ways. I started moving around again, from Wilmington NC, to Atlanta GA, to Palm Beach FL, and on to Jacksonville FL. I was running from myself. Every attempt ended the same, jail or rehab. It became a vicious circle. I thought I would never get clean. I hated myself and thought I was better off dead. One day when the pain was too great for me to bear, I cried out to God and sought out Adult & Teen Challenge. After entering the program, I felt The Lord’s presence and a strong sense of brotherhood. I started to learn what it meant to live a Christ-centered life. The relationship with my family I now restored beyond what I thought was possible. I now have a purpose and identity. Thank God for for this program!