I grew up in a great home where I was taught right from wrong. On the outside my life looked great; I made good grades and excelled in golf. I was even offered a scholarship to play golf in college, but by then my life had gone into a spiral. My junior year of high school I began experimenting with marijuana and alcohol. I soon started experimenting with other drugs and by my senior year I was addicted. Near the end of my senior year I was caught with drugs in my possession and that cost me my scholarship. I began using even heavier; trying any drug I could get my hands on. Then, one day I tried oxycontin and I was overtaken. The oxycontin and Xanax had me bound with no hope. For three years I continued to use rampantly. I was in and out of rehabs, psychiatric facilities, and had acquired numerous legal charges. My family was fed up with me and I was sleeping in my truck. I was dependent on the drugs physically. My life was being completely destroyed by my addiction but nothing was stopping me. Through all of the madness and drugs my mother never ceased to pray for me. Then in an intervention I agreed to give Adult & Teen Challenge a try and that was the best decision I ever made. The Lord has set me free from the bondage in which I was so tightly wrapped and that emptiness I once felt is gone. Because of God and His love I am a new man, full of joy and hope.