A Low-Cost Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab Program for Women in the Great Lakes Area

We know facing life-controlling problems such as drug and alcohol addictions is incredibly difficult. That’s why our proven Christian addiction treatment centersresidential rehabilitation program helps our students become established in society through holistic recovery, mentoring, education, and job training.

The Great Lakes Robby Dawson Home for Women is considered one of the top Adult & Teen Challenge facilities in the United States. Our Robby Dawson Home for Women is a beautiful and spacious facility located in downtown Milwaukee’s Historic Concordia Neighborhood.

A Culture of Responsibility, a Center of Hope

We can help you take back control over your life and find freedom in living within established boundaries.

God has a much greater purpose for you than coping with addiction, and our drug and alcohol recovery center can help you become the responsible leader you were always meant to be.

Is Our Rehab the Right Program for You or Your Loved One?

  • You keep taking a drug after it’s no longer needed for a health problem.
  • You need more and more of a substance to get the same effects (called “tolerance”), and you can take more before you feel an effect.
  • You cannot keep employment.
  • You’ve begun having trouble doing normal daily things, like cooking or working.
  • You borrow or steal money to pay for drugs.

Christian addiction treatment centersGreat Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge focuses on the total person with spiritual, emotional, physical, social and educational training to prepare them for their new life, post addiction. All aspects of our program are focused on achieving abstinence from alcohol and other drugs, and most importantly, building the foundation to support recovery for a lifetime, including spiritual recovery.

Great Lakes Women’s Rehab