Affordable Christian Counseling Center for Women in the Great Lakes Area

Facing mental health challenges can be daunting, but you don’t have to navigate this journey by yourself. Our comprehensive mental health counseling program is tailored to support women in their quest for healing, offering a holistic approach to recovery, guidance, education, and skill-building.

Great Lakes Women’s Counseling Center stands out as a leading facility within the pillars of mental health counseling, providing compassionate care at our serene Robby Dawson Home for Women, nestled in the heart of Milwaukee’s Historic Concordia Neighborhood.

Christian counseling

A Community Focused on Healing and Growth

Embark on a journey toward reclaiming your mental health and embracing a life of purpose within a supportive community.

Our commitment extends beyond addressing immediate mental health concerns; our counseling center empowers you to unlock your inner strength and thrive as the resilient individual you are meant to be.

Is Our Women’s Counseling Program the Right Choice for You or Your Loved One?

Identifying the Signs:

  • Persistent struggles with managing mental health symptoms

  • Increasing reliance on unhealthy coping mechanisms

  • Difficulty maintaining relationships or fulfilling responsibilities

  • Challenges in daily functioning, such as self-care or employment

  • Financial strain due to expenses related to mental health issues

If you recognize these signs, our Christian counseling center could be the ideal environment for your journey toward mental wellness.

At Great Lakes Women’s Counseling Center, we prioritize holistic healing, addressing your well-being’s spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and educational aspects. Our Christian approach emphasizes cultivating mental resilience and fostering lasting mental health, anchored in a foundation of spiritual wellness.

Christian counseling

Great Lakes Women’s Counseling