Affordable Christian Rehabilitation for Men in the Great Lakes Region

Christian drug rehab

We understand the challenges of confronting life-controlling issues like drug and alcohol addictions. Our effective residential Christian drug rehab is designed to empower our students, enabling them to integrate into society through a holistic approach encompassing recovery, mentoring, education, and job training.

The Great Lakes Men’s Rehab Center of Hope is a premier Adult & Teen Challenge Christian rehab in the United States. Our property features the Don Wilkerson Memorial Chapel, the welcoming Center of Hope Men’s Dorm, the efficient White House Administrative Building, an eight-unit staff housing building, and a convenient full-service vehicle facility.

A Culture of Responsibility, a Center of Hope

Take charge of your life and find the freedom to live within healthy boundaries with our assistance.

There’s more to life than struggling with addiction. Our drug and alcohol recovery center is here to help you become the responsible leader you were always meant to be, guiding you toward a brighter future.

Is Our Christian Drug Rehab the Right Fit for You or Your Loved One?

Signs that our program might be the right choice:

  • Continuing to use a drug even when it’s no longer necessary for a health issue.
  • Developing tolerance and needing more of a substance to feel its effects.
  • Struggling to maintain employment.
  • Facing difficulties with everyday tasks like cooking or working.
  • Resorting to borrowing or stealing money for drug expenses.

At Great Lakes Adult and Teen Challenge, we address the whole person through spiritual, emotional, physical, social, and educational training. Our comprehensive program aims not only to abstinence from drugs and alcohol but also to lay the foundation for a lifetime of recovery, including spiritual well-being.

Great Lakes Men’s Rehab