Welcome to East Texas Women’s Rehab, an esteemed Christian rehab center and a vital component of the Adult and Teen Challenge of Texas program. Our doors opened in November 2020 with a mission to extend our helping hand to women aged 18 and older facing substance abuse issues in Clarksville, Texas.

At East Texas Women’s Rehab, we take immense pride in our compassionate and experienced staff leadership, many of whom are remarkable graduates of our program. Their personal journey provides them with a unique understanding of the challenges faced by our participants.

Our comprehensive program offers a holistic approach to recovery. Residents are provided with comfortable accommodations and nourishing meals. Our counseling services embrace group and individual biblical counseling, fostering a strong spiritual foundation for healing and growth.

We understand the significance of family and offer specialized parenting classes to support our participants in rebuilding relationships with their loved ones. Throughout the program, individuals receive unwavering spiritual support, empowering them to reconnect with their faith and find renewed hope.

To ensure long-term success, we equip our participants with invaluable tools for relapse prevention, anger management, and drug and alcohol education. We believe that knowledge is power, and we strive to empower individuals with the skills to lead a fulfilling and sober life.

But it’s not all work and no play at East Texas Women’s Rehab. We recognize the importance of recreation and social activities in fostering a sense of community and joy in recovery. We incorporate social and recreational activities to create a supportive and enriching environment.

Furthermore, our commitment to our participants extends beyond the program’s completion. We offer vocational rehabilitation to equip them with the skills and confidence to reintegrate successfully into the workforce. Our sober living program provides a safe and nurturing space for program graduates as they embark on their journey to sustained sobriety.

At East Texas Women’s Rehab, we believe in the power of transformation and restoration. Our program is designed to heal the mind, body, and spirit, guiding women toward a brighter and more hopeful future. Join us on this path of recovery, where faith, support, and personal growth intertwine to create lasting change.

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East Texas Women’s Center is an affordable substance abuse recovery center, rehab for women, and Christian addiction recovery center in Clarksville, TX, and includes residents of: Paris, TX; Texarkana, TX; Mt. Pleasant, TX; Greenville, TX; Sulphur Springs, TX; Sherman, TX; McKinney, TX; Denison, TX; Longview, TX; Dallas, TX;

East Texas Women’s Rehab