Why Choose Beartooth Men’s Rehab?

Discover the Path to Personal Transformation at our Expansive 50,000-acre Working Cattle Ranch, Just 45 Miles North of Cody, WY.

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we are dedicated to restoring hope and empowering young men ages 18-38 to unlock their true potential. Nestled within the picturesque beauty of our sprawling ranch, our transformative program offers a unique opportunity for healing and growth.Christian rehab centers

Guided by a compassionate team of recovery life coaches, each struggling young man embarks on a courageous journey of self-discovery, leaving behind the harmful life issues that have plagued them. By nurturing their hearts and minds, we facilitate their evolution into the best version of themselves.

Transitional Living Program on a Working Cattle Ranch

Unlike other Christian rehab centers, our addiction treatment program at Beartooth Men’s Rehab immerses troubled young adult men in an outdoor ranch experience that fosters a deep connection with nature. This immersive environment catalyzes personal transformation, healing their body, mind, and spirit. Moreover, our program harnesses the power of nature as a powerful teaching tool, equipping young men with essential life and job skills that reveal their inherent talents and gifts.

The physical component of our program engages participants in daily ranch work, working with horses, exercise and fitness routines, nutritional counseling, and the development of daily living skills. By embracing a holistic approach to wellness, we cultivate healthier lifestyles and promote overall well-being.

Our comprehensive programs include a Christian Vocational Trade School, Life Skills Training, Continued Addiction Recovery, and Experiential Rehab. Additionally, we introduce the Code of the West and empower young men to achieve the Passport to Manhood, making our treatment approach unique.

Addressing a Wide Range of Challenges

Christian rehab centers

Beartooth Men’s Rehab specializes in treating young adult men grappling with various challenges, including Alcohol/Drug/Tobacco Abuse, All Addictions (including Sexual, Pornography, and Video Games), Co-occurring Mental Health conditions, and a range of issues such as ADD/ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Impulsive behavior, Sexual promiscuity, Self-harm/cutting, Emotional imbalances, Fetal alcohol effect, Poor peer choices, Sibling/Parent conflict, Academic Underachievement, Suspension or expulsion from school, Anger management, Stealing/Theft, and Chronic Lying.

Emphasizing Long-Term Results and Support

At Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we believe in the power of time and dedication. Our minimum enrollment period of 120 days, with a recommended stay of 8-12 months, ensures that young men receive the comprehensive support needed to effect lasting behavioral changes. Through our monthly tuition, which covers room and board, therapeutic counseling, daily supervision, and program support from our dedicated staff, we create a nurturing environment for growth. We also monitor academic and job performance, a Virtue-based curriculum, access to a year-round sports center, introduction to Natural Horsemanship, daily devotionals, and individual family-life coaching for the participant’s family members.

Holistic Approach to Behavioral/Physical Health and Addiction Treatment

Christian rehab centersAt Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we deliver personalized, research-proven addiction treatment tailored to the unique needs of each young man. Our comprehensive approach combines evidence-based practices with time-tested methods such as cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, experiential therapy, motivational interviewing, addiction counseling, positive peer culture, and health and fitness education.

Moreover, we believe in fostering spirituality and supporting each young man’s journey toward a relationship with his Creator. Our Christian Virtue Formation Training program helps restore a healthy moral code, enabling young men to embrace a values-driven life. Our multidisciplinary team of highly trained and credentialed staff members, who reside onsite full-time, ensures that residents receive exceptional care and guidance.

Through individual and group therapy, we empower patients to develop healthy coping skills, emotional regulation, and a deeper understanding of addiction’s effects on the brain. Our experiential workshops, including equine therapy, promote self-awareness and self-confidence and provide practical tools for recovery.

Find Long-Term Recovery at Our Christian Rehab Center

Christian rehab centersAt Beartooth Men’s Rehab, we firmly believe that addressing the core physical, mental, and emotional issues is the key to reversing addiction and harmful behaviors. Our evidence-based and holistic approach to treatment and wellness supports young men in transforming their body, mind, and spirit, helping them become the best version of themselves.

Contact us now to determine if Beartooth Men’s Rehab is ideal for your struggling young man. Our compassionate admissions counselors are eager to answer your questions and provide guidance on this transformative journey.

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