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Is it Time to Contact a Christian Rehab Center?

Is My Addiction Out of Hand?

Christian Rehab Centers   Many individuals grappling with substance abuse often wonder, “When is my addiction bad enough?” Unfortunately, continually asking this question hinders the potential for treatment and exposes individuals to severe, sometimes life-threatening consequences.

Understanding the Signs

Acknowledging the presence of a substance use disorder can be a challenging task. When substance use starts to impact your life negatively, it becomes crucial to take a moment to reflect and objectively assess whether addiction might be a factor. The initial step towards recovery lies in recognizing a problem that needs to be addressed. Without this realization, the path to recovery remains elusive.

This step is often considered the most arduous for many individuals, leading to years of solitary struggle until they eventually reach their “rock bottom.” For those who hit rock bottom, the turning point propels them towards seeking treatment and making a positive change.

Statistics from SAMHSA’s 2020 National Survey on Drug Use and Health reveal that out of nearly 41 million individuals aged 12 or older who required help for substance use disorders, only 1.4% received treatment.

Christian Rehab Centers

Many people opt out of treatment because they believe they have not yet experienced their rock bottom moment. Others fail to recognize the problematic nature of their substance use. However, the truth remains: if you have any concerns about your substance use, chances are it’s a problem that requires attention. This holds for all substances, especially when substances like Heroin and other Opiates are involved, as they can lead to severe, life-threatening consequences, with the risk of overdose significantly escalating in recent years.

Recognizing Addiction: Seeking Christian Rehab Centers for Assistance

A substance use disorder may become evident through its negative impact on essential aspects of your life, such as romantic relationships, family, employment, health, or spirituality. Substance use disorders, known as SUDs, are diagnosed along a spectrum ranging from mild to severe. Health professionals identify a SUD by assessing patients based on specific criteria commonly associated with substance abuse and addiction. These criteria can be grouped into four categories: physical dependence, risk usage, social problems, and impaired control.

  1. Physical Dependence
  • Tolerance: Requiring increasing amounts of a substance to achieve the desired effect. For instance, someone with a high alcohol tolerance may need to drink 8-12 beers to feel a buzz, whereas someone without such tolerance would only need 1-2.
  • Withdrawal: Experiencing unpleasant symptoms resulting from substance dependence can be life-threatening and may necessitate medical attention. Symptoms might include nausea, frequent headaches, vomiting, sweating, or feeling sick when not used for a certain period.
  1. Risk Usage
  • Christian Rehab CentersContinuing to use a substance despite being aware of its problems and dangers. For instance, using an Opiate despite knowing the extreme risks and even doing so after experiencing adverse effects such as an overdose.
  • Engaging in repetitive usage in unsafe situations, such as drinking and driving or using substances at work.
  1. Social Problems

Persisting with substance use despite causing harm to employment, family relationships, or social obligations. Examples include:

  • Losing jobs.
  • Going to work while intoxicated.
  • Neglecting important events like birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Frequent arguments and altercations result in lost or damaged relationships. Family members may increasingly complain about substance use.
  • Reduced participation in meaningful relationships and activities due to substance use, leading to isolation from loved ones.
  1. Impaired Control
  • Using substances for longer periods than intended, such as drinking all night instead of just going out for an hour.
  • Wanting to cut down or quit altogether but feeling unable to do so. This may involve attempts to stop but struggling to resist starting again.
  • Experiencing intense and difficult-to-avoid cravings to use substances, constantly thinking about using, and feeling anxious about not using.
  • Spending excessive time trying to find, use, or recover from using a substance.

Christian Rehab CentersThe severity of your addiction is determined by the number of criteria you meet. For instance, meeting 2 to 3 of the above criteria might lead your doctor to diagnose a mild substance use disorder. However, even with a mild diagnosis, seeking professional care, such as at Christian rehab centers, remains crucial to mitigate the risk of the condition becoming severe.

Remember, reaching out for help is a sign of strength. Christian rehab centers can provide the support and compassionate environment needed to heal from addiction and embark on long-term recovery. Don’t hesitate to take that crucial step towards a brighter, healthier future.

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How to Know if You Need Help | Christian Rehab Centers

Christian rehab centers can provide the support and compassionate environment needed to heal from addiction and embark on long-term recovery.

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