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There are major differences between typical addiction treatment centers and the alternative rehabs we feature. One is cost, and the other is the emphasis on personal faith in Christ, not in a “Higher Power.” Faith in Christ is a central spiritual dynamic upon which all aspects of our programs are built. Recovery is further reinforced by a supportive peer community — a controlled environment where new positive habits are formed, mentoring by others who have walked the same path to freedom, and participation in work designed to teach humility, responsibility, and pride in a job well done. Yes, recovery takes a full year to take its course, and we promise to dedicate a full year to your recovery.

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These alternatives to drug addiction treatment provide extremely affordable long-term addiction treatment, counseling, and recovery.

High Success

Success in recovery comes from the length of the program, the focus on Christ, and from people on staff who really care.

Lifetime Recovery

We work with the whole person, solving the underlying initial causes of addiction and initiating a plan for lifetime addiction recovery.

About Adult & Teen Challenge Centers

For 60 years, these alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers have provided successful long-term recovery for tens of thousands of individuals. They are the largest and longest continuously operated group of addiction treatment centers in the world, with over 200 centers in the U.S. and 1,200 centers worldwide.

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    60 years success

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    Centers in the U.S.

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    Centers worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Length of the Rehab?

While other addiction treatment centers boast a “quick fix” to addictions, few are successful so the addict must come back again and again. Adult & Teen Challenge rehabs have no such revolving door — they focus ridding the addict of their addiction for life. They know that it can take a year or more for addicts to completely rid themselves of their addiction, to build new attitudes, and to change their lifestyle. Any less than that is a waste of everyone’s time and money. Many addicts attend a dozen or more rehabs before coming to Adult & Teen Challenge. They destroy their career, finances and relationships all along the way. So, why not start with Adult & Teen Challenge to begin with?

How Much Does this Christian Rehab Cost?

Each program sets its own fee schedule, but you will find that the cost is just a fraction of what most rehabs charge. Please call (855)741-0013for the current pricing and availability.

Does Insurance Cover the Rehab Cost?

Individuals in the program are welcome to submit the related fees to their insurance carrier. The program does not involve itself in such insurance submissions. Most insurance carriers prefer to see the individual in a rehab for 90 days or less, no matter what it cost, so check with your carrier. Longer than that doesn’t seem to work within the way insurance companies operate. In many cases, they therefore pay big fees for the addict or alcoholic to attend one rehab after another, never providing a real solution. One exception is the Teen Challenge program in Arkansas for teenage boys, which does work directly with insurance companies.

Is Detox Required First?

Most Adult & Teen Challenge programs require that the addict attend a detox first – preferably a medically supervised detox. Most communities have detox centers that Adult & Teen Challenge will recommend.

Is this a Lockdown or Involuntary Program?

None of the Adult & Teen Challenge residential programs are lock-down facilities; residents must come and stay voluntarily. As for teenagers, some adolescent programs work with youth who have been enrolled by their parents or guardians, and they must stay in that program until their parents or guardians take them out. However, even in those instances, an understood level of cooperation with the teenager must exist prior to admission.

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We can also help you in your search for other addiction treatment services, boarding schools with therapy, treatment centers near me, treatment centers near me, Teen Challenge schools or Christian addiction treatment near me. Finding the right alcohol and drug rehab is one of the most important decisions for an addict or alcoholic. It is important to understand everything you can about substance abuse recovery centers and drug recovery centers. Christian rehabs usually offer separate facilities for each gender. Insurance for addiction recovery forces drug addiction rehabs to complete their addiction recovery in 90 days or less, which usually doesn’t work.

Best Christian Rehabs - Christian Addiction Treatment Centers

These Christian drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are the most affordable faith-based rehab options for men, women, and teenagers

FLORIDA RESIDENTS: Please note that some of these rehab centers are nonprofit religious institutions, not licensed medical facilities, nor do they accept insurance. Outcomes indicated are based on multiple outcomes studies.

“NO WARRANTY” LEGAL NOTICE: While outcomes studies for these rehab centers have historically shown high addiction and substance abuse recovery rates, neither they nor the owners and operators of this website guarantee addiction recovery for any particular individual. Recovery and future avoidance of addicting substances and whatever effects that such substance may have on the individual’s life, their future, their career, or their friends and relatives are entirely dependent on each individual and how they apply the principles that are taught.